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Invoker feed, antigamer and bad gamer.

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Offender ID: 2843107
Type of violation: 
Antigamer behavior, this player has been in the jungle since minute 5 and never helped the team. We all wanted to kick him out, but this player mocks us, doesn't help in fights, just keeps jungling until he almost ruins the game. I wish for this player to be banned, it's a bad example for ATINAD, it's antigamer behavior.

Replay_2024_04_18_0029_Twin Head Dragon_44m 2-7-20.w3g

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 Your Replay Has Been Checked

 Player ELQUETELAMETE That You Reported, Got Baned For 48 Hours And Punished For Losing 30 Score

You Gain 500 Xp

Thanks For Your Report

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