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Antigamer tried to ruin game

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Offender ID:  2769133
Type of violation:  Antigamer 
More info:   jakiro tried to ruin the game, at the begining he went to botton line even tho we were already 2  ppl in this side, but i went neutrals,  he was playing ok till he argue with a teammate and tried to ruin the game,  he bought  sentrys and seeded them in their own base and also feed ( check min 21 and  min 23 )  the game was really in our favor but he tried to ruin, ofc he couldn`t do it,  the behaivor is not  proper to a gamer but an antigamer and he said he didn't care about been banned.

Replay_2024_04_17_2123_Centaur Warchief_31m 1-1-8.w3g

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 Your Replay Has Been Checked

 Player No_Me_Merecen That You Reported, Got Baned For 48 Hours And Punished For Losing 30 Score

You Gain 500 Xp

Thanks For Your Report

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