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Cannot See ingame Animations / Talent Tree


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In-Game Animation Effects / Talent Tree Bugged ?
If you're unable to see some In-Game spell animations like Invoker / Shadow Fiend / Sniper / Lion's heroes Spell and the talent tree is bugged, try the following instruction:

● Install this DirectX : https://www.mediafire.com/file/z3gb0iuw7atih05/directx_Jun2010_redist.exe/file

Run the file and choose an empty folder (create a new folder before opening it) to extract its files into it and then run DXSETUP.exe file as administrator (right click on it > Run as administrator ) then install it!


(there are too many zip files in extracted folder, scroll down to find this file and install it) 

#● to apply the changes, you'll need to re-start your system. after that create a custom game in single player mode in latest map and check the spells' functions / talents tree.

# Note: If this problem was resolved and returned again, make sure your windows drive which is usually C:\ and the drive that Warcraft III is installed in, both have enough free space and don't miss your windows updates or re-starting your computer once they are done. If even after all, none helps you and you need to install that DirectX version and restarting your system, re-launch Warcraft III for each game you finish.

Best Regards
Atinad Team

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